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Bike New Haven Announces Soft Launch of Bike Share Program

New Haven, Connecticut – February 20, 2018 – P3 Global Management (P3GM), the managing partner of New Haven Smart Mobility, has announced that Bike New Haven, the bike share program, will go live for a soft launch on Tuesday February 20th, 2018. A soft launch event will take place from 1:15pm – 2pm at the Audubon & Orange location.

P3GM has collaborated with the City of New Haven, Noa Technologies, and New Haven Bike Share Mechanics to provide the bike share system at no cost to the city or tax payers. The soft launch will include 100 bicycles and 10 stations, while the full launch entails 300 bicycles and 30 stations throughout New Haven.

The bike share program will generate revenue through member fees, advertising, and sponsorship. This ensures the program will remain equitable, providing service for the entire community, as well as providing an avenue for discounted rates to those in need.

“We’re thrilled that Bike New Haven will soon be available to enhance mobility and connectivity for city residents,” said Mayor Toni N. Harp. “The program will mitigate traffic congestion, help reduce harmful emissions, and encourage a healthy lifestyle among residents. At no cost to the city or taxpayers, it’s exciting to see progress on these three fronts simultaneously with this new public transportation option.”

The ten locations opening for the soft launch are as follows:

  • College & S. Frontage

  • Church & Grove

  • Audubon & Orange

  • Chapel & York

  • Chapel & Howe

  • Temple Plaza

  • Lincoln-Bassett

  • Orange & Pearl

  • Stetson Library

  • James Hillhouse


The additional locations will be made available following completion of the ongoing permitting process.

Riders can download the Bike New Haven app and register for a user account. The user will enter credit card information into the app and use this app to unlock and lock bikes by scanning the QR code on the bicycle. Users will use the map in the app to locate the nearest bicycle or station.

New Haven Transportation Director Doug Hausladen says an equitable bike share program has been in the cities vision for transportation for years. “We’re proud to be providing a sustainable transportation option to the public, this program will provide a last mile transportation solution for many people in our community. We’re excited to see how it entwines with the existing bike infrastructure in New Haven,” says Hausladen.

Bike New Haven will provide a convenient option for choosing to bicycle for your daily commute, errands around town, sightseeing, or leisure. Users can check out and return bikes interchangeably from stations conveniently located throughout New Haven.

 “We are extremely excited to launch Bike New Haven” said Carlos Pujol, CEO of P3 Global Management. “New Haven is already a Bicycle Friendly Community, a title given by the League of American Bicyclists, and we are eager to see how bike share will help increase access to cycling in the community. We look forward to the full launch and further expansion of the program.”

The design of the bike share system features smart bikes, which will allow riders to temporarily pause their rides. This will be useful for quick mid-trip stops. The system also allows for riders to dock their bike at already full stations, simply by locking the bike to itself.

New Haven residents can register for various memberships including single trips at $1.75, a daily pass at $8, a monthly pass at $20 and an annual pass for $90. There are also discounts in place for low-income and senior users. Contact bikenewhaven@p3gm.com for more information on discounts.


The League of American Bicyclists congratulates New Haven for taking the important step of launching Bike New Haven with P3GM. “The League considers bikeshare programs an important enhancement to Bicycle Friendly Communities like New Haven, and cities of all sizes.  Bike New Haven shows the growing sophistication of technology and bicycles to offer another transportation choice. People riding bikes will add to the economic vitality and livability of New Haven and contribute to a cleaner environment,” says Karen Jenkins, Director Emerita of the League of American Bicyclists.


For more information please visit BikeNewHavenCT.com or contact Mary Lynch at Mlynch@p3gm.com

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