Tuesday, August 21, 2018

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New Haven, Connecticut – August 21, 2018 – Bike New Haven has announced two additional bike share stations, located at State Street and Union Station. 

The bike share stations can be found using the map on the Bike New Haven app or the Bike New Haven website. The two new stations provide commuters and residents with a direct connection to the Amtrak, Hartford Line, Metro North, and Shoreline East train lines. 

Bike New Haven provides a convenient and environmentally conscious form of transportation for commuters and residents. Users can rent and return bikes from any station, now including the State Street station or Union Station, paving the way for affordable and efficient intermodal transportation.  

The Union Station and State Street Station locations are virtual stations, meaning there is no physical signage on site. Users can see the footprint of the designated drop zone in the Bike New Haven app, or on the website. 

“This expansion of the city’s Bike Share bicycle rental program – as promised – advances the ongoing, collective effort to reduce New Haven’s carbon footprint by reducing the number of cars used for routine and short-distance trips, and the resulting congestion,” Mayor Harp said. “It also encourages everyone in New Haven to get active, stay in motion, and enjoy a little exercise at the same time.”

The two new stations are expected to aid in replacing some auto trips with bike trips. In a recent survey, 25% of respondents said that they were using Bike New Haven to replace a trip previously made by private car. Changing auto trips to bike trips reduces emissions, saves natural resources and contributes to the safety of all road users. 

 “Our job is to provide a reliable, well thought out service to the residents of New Haven. The addition of these new stations will provide the public with a convenient and enjoyable option for commuting to New Haven’s train stations. Bike New Haven provides a first mile, last mile transportation solution” said P3 Global Management CEO, Carlos Pujol.  

Bike New Haven has currently installed 24 physical stations, and two virtual stations, with a planned completion of 30 stations. The remaining stations are awaiting approval from the City Plan Commission, pending removal of construction materials. 

For more information on Bike New Haven visit bikenewhaven.com or email bikenewhaven@p3gm.com.

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