Meet Leilim, our Community Ambassador

My name is Leilim Chang and I am currently a junior at Albertus Magnus College. Through the help of New Haven Promise I was able to connect with Bike New Haven and obtain an internship as a Community Ambassador. Getting an internship with this company, I knew I would have to ride on one of the bikes sooner or later. I was filled with both excitement and anxiety - truth be told, I haven’t been on a bike in years. It could go one of two ways; A. I do really well or B. I realize I’ve lost complete balance and hurt myself in the process.

The Program Manager Carolyn and I got to a station and I learned first hand how exactly to rent out and use the bike. It was very simple and I instantly felt good about it. Getting on the bike was fun. At first I was wobbling and tipping over, but it wasn’t long before Carolyn and I were riding side by side.

The bike itself is very comfortable. They are maintained by the local field crew, New Haven Bike Share Mechanics, who do amazing work for the system. The bike rides smoothly and includes a headlight, taillight, a basket to put your belongings in, and a bell. It has three gears meant to add resistance on the bike.


Having done this in fall weather, I would definitely do it in more comfortable weather. The bikes are generally available all year and are very inexpensive. My favorite thing about the bikes are the locations. They are placed in different areas of New Haven showing that these are for the community.


My favorite place to ride is the Farmington Canal Trail by Fussy Coffee. It leads you far into the back-roads of Hamden showing you its secret beautiful sites. This canal provides different paths that can be taken at whatever speed one prefers. I’ve been on this trail a handful of times and always have a great time. I plan on finding more trails to enjoy as the weather gets nicer. Being a part of the Bike New Haven team has allowed me to discover new places in my own city and enjoy them as I successfully ride a bike, with full balance, and zero injuries.

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