For a fun way to get around New Haven, CT while getting some healthy exercise, try Bike New Haven. Our bike stations are conveniently located throughout the city and provide the best and simplest opportunity to run your errands or just see the sights. Our bikes are available 24/7 and can be rented for 45-minute intervals until you get it to the next convenient location. Start at the 160 Munson Street station on the Farmington Canal Heritage Trail and begin your journey today.

How It Works

To access your bike, simply register on the Bike New Haven app. Once you’ve scanned your bike’s QR code into the app, you will be able to take the bike to any other drop off zone along your route. If you have to make a temporary stop, you can pause your ride on the app to reserve your bike.

Register and Ride Today

Our bike station at 160 Munson Street begins at the Farmington Canal Heritage Trail, and is just one of many throughout New Haven, CT. Download our app and rent your first bike. Learn more about Bike New Haven by getting in touch with customer service using the information below.


Contact us at 203-800-2240 or via email at

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